Welcome To, Hytech Goodwill Training & Testing Centre Pvt Ltd.,

Hytech Goodwill is highly exclusive training resource pool that impacts world class training in the construction related trades through experts with adequate trade knowledge and exposure...


To impart high quality training for Building Construction Industry and provide indepth knowledge of various associated techniques and methodologies and nurture good character and safety aspects.


To empower underprivileged young men from rural and semi-urban areas of India by training them to become highly-skilled building construction workers to get better employment opportunities in Singapore.


We thought everyone have skills in them. but, the expectation is towards who make it perfect and make them realize what if the perfect skills are given out. We believe it's us - Hytech Goodwill.

Whatever We Start, We Think Through To The End

The Building & Construction Authority of Singapore conducted their Pilot Test in the year 1999. We presently impart training for 16 Trades relating to Construction industry for which BCA conducts Trade Tests every month.

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Everybody Gets Exactly What They Need

enhanced Construction Safety Orientation Course (eCSOC), also approved by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, is also imparted here. The institute conducts training and testing every month.

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